IWtoken wallet will accept IOTA and all other cryptocoins

WToken, in fact, stands for “Integrated Wallet Token” or Integrated Token Portfolio, which is the core product of IWToken.
According to its white-paper, IWToken plans to create a crypto-coin aggregator application. Through this, it will be possible for users to have all their crypto-coins, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, IOTA, Decred and etc. within just one application.
All Private Keys will be fully protected and available only to the user, delivering the power of their tokens to them. Another advantage is that the integrated wallet will have your sensitive data encrypted, making any attack on the IWToken server useless.
But IWToken does not just plan to make a multi-wallet, but rather create an ecosystem optimized for mass adoption of crypto-coins in general. The second product of IWToken is the ATMs (Automated Teller Machines), which are planned to be installed in all corners of the world so that the public can have easy and cheap access to any crypto.
It does not stop there. The project team will still add a cherry on top, implementing a debit card, which will be directly linked to the wallet, and can spend any amount directly from the available crypto coins available at the user’s discretion.
IWT tokens will act as shares of the IWToken company. That is, token holders will be entitled to a share of the company’s profits at any of their services, whether it is the sale of crypts at ATMs or the continued use of the debit card.
In addition, IWToken promises very low rates for these services, ranging from 2.5% for ATM crypto purchases to 1.5% for on-the-fly transfers using your debit card.
The values ​​obtained through these usage fees will only be deducted from a small operating fraction and the remainder divided among all holders of IWT tokens. In this way, getting IWT tokens is not only a way to make this project go out of print but also make a solid investment for your future.
ICO, as mentioned above, will take place from 31 August. During the sales period, 45% of the total 100 million tokens will be sold to interested users.
The remainder will be divided between a security fund (30%) and 25% between the amount of rewards. To better understand the project and its team that focuses directly on the Latin American market, follow the links below.