Great News from IOTA: Binance should be new Exchange an operate with the currency

The Chinese Exchange Binance, (, has published, on their social networks wishing to incorporate an IOTA into their negociations. The Chinese house operates with several criptos (Ethereum, Hshare, NEO, Walton, Litecoin, Walton, Monaco, Bitcoin, Qtum, distric0x, Bytom, Gas, OpenAnx, Status, Bancor, ElectionCHain, EOS, Bitcoin Cash and Iconomi) The most trading volume is of the Binance Coin, as token from the exchange and Ethereum.

The news can open a whole new area for IOTA which is now traded in a few exchanges (Bitfinex, IOTA Exchange (by Slack) and Coin2001) which makes it difficult to acquire the currency for more users, in addition. The Chinese market is very important for the cryptos. There has been a strength of NEO, a Chinese “Ethereum” and recently the fork in the Bitcoin network that originated the BitcoinCash, powered by the Chinese group ViaBTC, in addition, about 75% of the Bitcoin mining is concentrated in Chinese soil.

Binance is not yet official data for IOTA operations but the announcement comes with another speculation within the currency network, about the rumors surrounding Poleniex or Bitrex as possible new IOTA dealers.