IOTA great annoucement: We are working on embedded devices

IOTA, a crypto-currency developed, among others, to operate in the machine-to-machine transactions within the IoT (Internet of Things) announce today, in the official community on the Slack, that it is already realizing applications in some devices, ’embedded devices /smart tags’ say Dominik Schiener.
The announcement reveals a rapid development of the technology, according to its own founders, still in phase “BETA”. In addition to being a new currency, it debuted on CoinMarketCap in June this year, an IOTA not worked with Blockchain, but as a network in DAG, called Tangle and that, among others, does not need miners, has no fees, has a Infinite scale, allows micro and nano payments.
Dominik Schiner, co-founder of IOTA, did not reveal more details in the publication, only that devices are “Emedded devices /smart tags with <5kb of RAM”. A Press Realease is still released this week detailing the progress of IOTA.
The announcement should put an IOTA in a select group among a few crypto-coins with ‘real-life applications’, which they come to integrate applications linked to people’s daily lives.
Important announcements have already been made by the IOTA Foundation, since its launch, as partnerships with Satoshipay, REFUNITE, Microsoft, Bosch, Cisco, among others. The price of Miota (1,000,000 iotas) today at US $ 0.82 and, if the release is good, the price is going ‘to the moon”.