The site: Iota-help.com has a, problably, malicious seed generator. Don´t use it. Check this post  by @rajivshah3 on Reddit:

iota-help.com has been spread around the IOTA Slack recently and has been linked to stolen funds in some cases. While most of the site appears to mean well, the issue is with the seed generator. The seed generator is a clone of Knarz’s generator (https://github.com/knarz/seedgen) but has added one element: a script from http://smartlook.com. Smartlook is a marketing tool that allows companies to watch visitors on their website. While intended for good (gathering data on how long users spend on certain pages, seeing if a button is noticeable enough to the user, etc), in this case it can be used for seed theft. By using video replays from Smartlook, the owner of this website can watch users generate their seeds and easily hack the wallet once funds are received.

Make sure to only use seed generators from this list: https://matthewwinstonjohnson.gitbooks.io/iota-guide-and-faq/getting-started/dl-wallet/what-is-my-seed.html.

If you see someone spreading this link, please contact a mod.”