Max Thake and new IOTA News

Max Thake, announced in the Medium a new great news to IOTA and the Tangle World. Check it:

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“Advanced Blockchain AG, publicly listed on the German Stock Exchange, was set-up in order to ‘find the building-blocks that will shape the world of tomorrow’. They focus their research towards projects that utilize Distributed Ledger Technology in an attempt to shake up long-standing industries, cut out middlemen and create new markets.

They have been following developments in the Distributed Ledger Technology space for some time, and are excited by the prospects of’s latest project — peaq, as it is one of the only projects working with the Tangle Network as its base layer, instead of blockchain.

Michael Geike, CEO of Advanced Blockchain, has been very public with his support of the peaq project. He joined peaq early on, and will be travelling through North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia with the team, on our global DLT meet-up series, Blockchain, Tangle & beyond.

We look forward to collaborating with Advanced Blockchain on current and future projects. Their experience in the field of DLT as well as the resources they’re willing to support us with will go a long way in helping the cause.