IOTA in one more Exchange: COINTAL

Another great news for the IOTA community, the exchange Cointal, has announced that it will add IOTA to its portfolio. Check the oficial annoucement:

“Hello fellow traders, :drinks:


We thank you very much for all the support that you have shown during our launching campaign and all the numerous feedbacks. The Ripple community is most active, and XRP has never been so easy and quick to get. is up and running quite as well as the community expected it to be.


We have now several thousands of visits already in barely around 72 hours, and all trades are happening well. We think it is time to show a bit more of Cointal’s potential which we will reveal here and now.


First of all, we would like to inform you that the affiliate program is now fully operational. You will now earn a passive income of 0.4% on each of your referrals’ transactions. This represents an amazing opportunity to you. Why? Let us explain by exemplifying a situation so you can picture the results, and it’s only one possible example: If you act well with your referral link, and generate around 1.000.000 views thanks to a YouTube video or a Podcast, for example, you could be inviting a select and massive community through your referral link. Let’s assume that only 5% of the viewers chose to sign up, and we’ll attribute to them an average of only 100,00 USD worth of transactions each, monthly. 50.000 traders with 100,00 USD each, that’s 5.000.000,00 USD from which you will automatically gain 0.4%. If you do the math, you will be earning around 20.000 $ a month thanks to this program, without much efforts except inviting potential traders in. The 1 million views might be a far-fetched dream for some, it was only an example, but don’t forget that even with way less, you could be generating at least 20$ a day with the least efforts possible, and still would generate a free 600$ a month. The affiliate program is now available on our platform. It is all up to you now.

Don’t miss on this occasion of being at the top of the pyramid! You can find your referral link over your profile once you sign in.


On to the big announcement now.


Our view of Cointal’s future and all the exciting yet feasible features is way more than what you will find over our present website. In fact, we intend to make the cryptoworld even closer than ever before to each trader and blockchain enthusiast. And maybe everywhere.


We intend to improve our platform to a next level. Our program is still ongoing, so far so good, and our next steps will be a HUGE leap towards a bigger community, a more accessible and comprehensive interface, and more opportunities to seize, instantly.


Cointal will be soon bringing in all of the amazing features below.


– First: We will start off by adding 9 new other cryptocurrencies as quick as API providers allow us to. Having Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Litecoin available just wouldn’t be enough satisfaction to us on the long run. As promised, we will be adding these cryptocoins:


*Bitcoin Cash





*Ethereum Classic


*Bitcoin Gold



Our platform was engineered so as to be able to include APIs as fast as it is currently possible. We want to be sure that all of the users will benefit of the Top cryptocurrencies requested. You will be able to have an even larger portfolio, and thus more opportunities to be one of the pioneers and thrusters of tomorrow’s money. We are counting on you to enlarge the cryptocommunity.


– Secondly: We will be introducing a ‘’Pay with Cointal’’ service. Since your wallet will be getting even bigger, why not conceive a way of using your funds directly? We will be making the ‘’Pay with Cointal’’ button available, which will be engineered so as to be compatible and integrable anywhere it is required to be added. As we might have mentioned before, we really do intend to become a reference. Whether it’s about investing, trading, paying a bill or even groceries, we want to make the cryptocurrencies in your respective wallets a legit and familiar digital asset to live on with.


– Thirdly: We will be creating a whole new website. Literally. We are currently considering and studying the possibility to be a bit ahead of the curve, by creating an Amazon-like Marketplace. It will be made from scratch, and we started spotting the big lines already, we will be sharing a primary project to explain the whole concept, and maybe learn from our users’ suggestions, as soon as we possibly can afford to. You might have guessed it already, but it will be fully based on Blockchain technology. Your wallet will be linkable to the Marketplace, and it should encompass most, if not all of the users’ demands through numerous categories, a diversified and wide range of products, and so on. We will make it at the image of the users’ requests. The future is getting closer, and we’re trying to establish a strong structure.


As for the availability of all of the above, the affiliate program is already available, and the new cryptocurrencies will be rolled out progressively starting from next month, as fast as we can.

We will be working on the ‘’Pay with Cointal’’ feature, and make it available as soon as it is ready.

The Marketplace, on the other hand, will be the last step. When we will start the coding, it will only be a matter of time until it’s ready. We don’t want to rush either, at least not until the community expands as we expect it to. But we’re very optimist, and we’re thoroughly thinking about it’s global functioning.


All of the above wouldn’t have been possible if so many of you didn’t believe in us. Our community is growing exponentially, and except some minor bugs that were instantly fixed, our platform is stable at 100%.

We will be updating you with every single move that Cointal will be making. We promise to always be close-by, always at your service.


Thank you again for your massive support. Don’t forget to sign up, and enjoy your trades!

XRP to the moon and beyond. :Laie_16:



The Cointal Team