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Stockmarket traders often say; “Money never sleeps” – well neither does IOTA

above illustration: @arthuradamson

So many positive Things happening in the world of IOTA that it is hard to get any sleep.
Those who know me/follow me, know that I am having an elicit love affair with IOTA behind my wife´s back. When I first laid my eyes on the white paper, well what can I say, it was love at first sight.
Well it seems I am not the only one.
Journalist Roman Semko of Medium recently wrote an excellent article telling of how the IOTA tangle is growing steadily and quickly:
Here is the relevant  snippet of the article below.

Here is the whole article if you wish to read it: https://medium.com/deviota/iota-tangle-growth-update-october-2017-9fb61a187388

This is significant for two reasons.
t because it shows the belief, confidence and investment in IOTA is growing at a very healthy rate.
This is actually rather surprising considering how difficult it is to actually purchase IOTA. There are very few cryptocurrency exchanges that actually have IOTA, with Bitfinex being the most well known.
Considering the vast growth potential, as well as the ever growing interest in IOTA, this should change in the coming months. When IOTA becomes easy to buy then watch its price fly.

Secondly, the more wallet addresses there are on the tangle the stronger the tangle becomes.
The more transactions there are, the faster the transactions become.
incidentally this is the opposite of  blockchin technology which becomes slower the more transactions are made

I like to think of the tangle as like being a spiders web.
When the spider begins making the web the web is weak with very few strands attached to anything to hold it together. As the web grows the web becomes more stable and ever more stronger.
When the spider sits in the very centre it can “feel” any slight vibration within the web and in all directions all at the same time. Pretty fantastic.
Now imagine the strands of the web as being wires or cables through which digital information can be sent. I suppose we could say that each new person joining the network adds one more strand.
If we were at the centre, we could then send information (IOTA coins) in any direction. In this way one can see why the network is faster the more people there are in the network.
I am sure the tangle algorithm does not actually work like this but it can help to visualise it working in this way. At least until I come up with a better analogy. Im working on it : )

above illustration: @arthuradamson


I recently wrote that, in my opinion, the price of  IOTA would fluctuate between $0.45 and $0.38 over the next few weeks while the whole forking mess of Bitcoin is going on.
So far this had been true.
The fact that IOTA is holding at these slight fluctuating levels is good evidence that that there is strong investor support for IOTA. This gives me confidence and it is why every time IOTA has fallen to $0.38 or less, I have bought some more. .
Now here is even more good news.
FInancial Journalist Gaurav Iyer at Profit Confidential, has written a very interesting articel on IOTAs very near future.
Using chart analysis, as well as other relevant information, it reveals that IOTA will reach $5 dollars during 2018. Apparently this was a rather conservative estimate  meaning they believe it will reach much higher.
Here is the relevant snippet of the article below.

Here is the link to the article if you wish to read all of it: https://www.profitconfidential.com/cryptocurrency/iota/iota-price-prediction-2018-little-known-cryptocurrency-record-four-digit-returns/

Finally just to finish off, you may or may not have heard that there is in a new smart phone on the block…chain.
Apparently a smart phone that is designed to work on blockchain technology is set to be released soon.
However, it is not actually block-chain it will be using but rather the tangle of IOTA.
And the tangle, as we know, is NOT a blockchain at all.  When this is released this will become big news for IOTA showing how its superfast network functions in a real life situation.
Here is the relevant  snippet of the article below.

I hope all this GOOD NEWS has helped to lift the spirits of those who believe and have invested in IOTA?

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