Cointed is the new exchange to add IOTA

Check the oficial annoucement:

Dear customers,

Over the last couple of weeks, Cointed has made an effort – after numerous suggestions directly from the community – to support a new project in the Crypto landscape with the X12 coin.

Recently, there have been some technical difficulties within the X12 blockchain, making it impossible for us to guarantee that all X12 transactions arrive at the intended destination without any problems or delays. We presently also do not see a way to implement an X12 online wallet on our platform.

For those reasons, we have decided to discontinue X12 trading on the Cointed Crypto Exchange.

We understand that our customers receive this information on short notice. That is why we offer everyone who purchased X12 coins on our exchange to return the coins to us at the purchase price by sending us the “OB-order number”.

Our customers are free to keep the coin and trade it at anyother platform.

Thank you for understanding.

Additionally, we are excited to inform you that our IT department is actively working on implementing the following coins on the Cointed Crypto Exchange: Bitcoin Gold / Bitcoin Cash / IOTA & NEM