Fujitisu´s Dr Rolf Werner talks about IOTA & the tangle

“.. and next generation blockchain-free technologies, Tangled based, like IOTA. Where you can do micropayments solutions, whick will definilitly opne up brand new perspectives in the field of money transfer between machines as well.

So think about the autonomous driven car, having an E-wallet and paying at ghe gas station or at the charging station for electricity, automatically, By the waym this is already tested… with companies like Bosch and Innogy.

So machine-to-machine payments, based on blockchain like technologies , curely will be the next gamechanging technologies within digitalization. Another value adding option, or idea, is the ressling of data. For example weather data, taha can be used fo several purposes. So i personally find this most existing, an this will be extremely interesting fo the future”

See the original video: https://youtu.be/-FGZ-3WGCcw

Dr Rolf Werner Fujitsu Iota Tangle