IOTA comming to Bittrex!! Confirmed!!!

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It is official!

DevIOTA @deviota_com has confirmed in their Twitter that the decentralised cryptocurrency will be listed in Bittrex very soon.

The information was revealed by the user @Fevzii with these captures that shows IOTA inside the Bittrex API code:

Another proof is this capture of the balanceViewMode code of Bittrex :

IOTA is having a very good time lately, in september they announced their partnership with VW, BOSCH and Innogy.

This was too a very important thing if we see who is BOSCH in the sutomotive industry:

And this is exactly why Bosch IOTA is a big thing   Iota.jpg

Time to fill the bag with #IOTA!


Fevzii Fev tweeted @ 11 Nov 2017 – 14:40 UTC

More proof of #Bittrex is testing #IOTA.

deviota_com DevIOTA tweeted @ 11 Nov 2017 – 09:52 UTC

#IOTA coming to Bittrex very soon. Confirmed! Time to fill more $iota bags. 😉👍…

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