Great News: Green protocol annoucement IOTA sale p2p terminal

Green Protocol on Twitter: Introducing the IOTA-ION, Point of Sale Terminal, IOTA IRI Neighbour, ETHEREUM Mist Node, Windows 10 or Linux.


Green-Protocol designs, builds, and creates Data from Low Powered IoT sensor networks. Data offered as a Managed Service. Intelligent IoT Networks built with Artificial intelligence in mind.  We create Data no matter if you operate a factory, a building, a business, a town, we can create, measure, monitor, maintain and manage your data through our Green-Protocol IoTaas.

As companies strive to reduce product costs, improve processes and optimize; the missing link is often “looking at the data”; visualizing and predicting; “what’s next?”.
Leading companies are realizing that data leads to better understanding of productivity, sales, consumptions, efficiencies using data visualizations and predictive analytics.

Green-Protocol provides you with the IoT tools – sensors – networks, data storage and User Interface to Create, Measure, Monitor and Manage your Business. M-power your team members with data, data that can be visualized and managed. Data that optimizes efficiencies through the use of the Internet of Things. IoT devices that push data to Time based Data bases where it can be analyzed.


We’re proud to share, certify NFC stickers/labels for the small to medium size businesses with, simple,  “peel and stick” NFC stickers for Everything as a Service offering.

We sourced, created, developed, and certified the technology and we want to help you grow your own “Everything as a Service” business.

We’re your Blockchain or Tangle Education & Certification partners.

Let’s build great relationships and share knowledge together. Knowledge is Power.



We offer IOTA & ETHER POS solutions that have been certified by us. Lease an IOTA – ETHER POS solution for your business. For IOTA clients you eliminate fees on transactions.



Coming Soon! – We are testing WIFI based payment terminals for IOTA and ETHER payment solutions. We will test, certify and provide payment terminal solutions as they come available.



We are currently testing Ubiquiti’s Enterprise WIFI system with their Encryption technology. Testing is progressing well and we will provide you with updates and test as they happen.


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