Beyond Blockchain – IOTA, The Tangle and Smart Contracts Through Peaq


Event Overview:

Hidden beneath the blockchain hype is a new form of distributed ledger technology (DLT). A blockchain without the blocks or the chains. A network without scalability issues, transaction fees, or miners. IOTA has been recently registered as the first crypto-currency funded non-profit foundation in Germany. IOTA itself is a top ten crypto-currency by market capitalization. This presentation will focus on the evolution of the blockchain, challenges the young industry is facing, and solutions that already exist. Robert will explain the Tangle: what it is, how it works, and why it has the potential to shake up the cryptosphere. He will also cover peaq, a revolutionary new project fusing elements of the decentralization movement with cutting-edge technology to solve issues with the blockchain and go beyond what is currently thought possible in the DLT world.

About the Speaker: 

Robert A. Küfner is a firm believer in a decentralized world and founded as an active contribution to the decentralization movement. Robert has been involved with the crypto movement since 2010. An early bitcoin miner and founder of the first publicly-listed distributed ledger technology (DLT) firm in Europe, his engagement with the community has led him from Ethereum’s launch to the vast potential of the Tangle Network. Based in the crypto-capital of Europe, Berlin, the team is exploring how the Tangle Network can be used to connect the real world with that of DLT and create new markets in the process, without the inherent drawbacks of blockchain technology.

Mike Benner, Darren McKellin, Co-Chairs
William Dallyn, Tracy Greenwood, John Kirch, Vice Chairs
Eriko Asai, Board Liaison
ACCJ Information, Communications and Technology Committee

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