Phroneo: The IOTA network worked just fine during the stress test

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All credits to: Phroneo

Many people are incorrectly concluding that because a bunch of people had stuck transactions recently, the IOTA network couldn’t handle the stress test and spam. This is not true. The main network functioned just fine.
However, the issues were simply Bitfinex not handling transaction properly or the wallet. The current wallet uses one of a few public nodes and doesn’t select between them automatically. Anyone connected to a node that was getting spammed or malfunctioning was not warned of this and so their transactions got nowhere. Many many more people were connected to other nodes and had no issues.

In the near future, being connected to a congested / malfunctioning node will result in an automatic switch to a healthy node. The UCL wallet coming out within a month will be enabling this feature making such spam attacks and problems a non-issue.