One Reply to “Einstein Exchange add IOTA in few Weeks”

  1. Einstein.Exchange Canadas fastest growing crypto currency exchange is a Scam. Scam Alert! Fastest growing scam. Review on google before you get scammed like me. On 12/13/2017 I saw a banner advertisement on how to instantly buy bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with a credit card in less then 60 seconds. I signed up and created the account on the Einstein Exchange website. Then I did the purchase transaction on their website. It gave me a bitcoin total amount I was purchasing, it also gave me a wallet address and a transaction id. which website then automatically linked me over to the wallet website. I then went forward an signed up and created an account at website as well. How ever when i logged in to my wallet their was no bitcoint in my wallet. So I went back over to website and logged in to the account I had created to purchased the bitcoins with my credit card, Their was no transaction history and account said $0.00 Zero balance. Two days later I checked my debit card account and I notice I had bin charged the same amount of money i tried to purchase bitcoins from this scamming website two days later on my persona bank account on my debit card history it says charge from Einstein bros Bagel on 12/15/2017. For those of you wondering how much money I lost. I am ashamed to admit how much exactly. But i will admit it’s more than $1,000.00 I was also scammed by over the past few weeks. People you need to Beware when buying bitcoins and alt coins while trying to invest in this new cryptocurrency trading revolution. I am learning to Review every company I am coming across before investing on their platforms with them and to start with small amounts till you can figure out what your doing and on who’s exchange and wallet you are using.

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