IOTA overtakes Bitcoin with +284 percent: “Blockchain is outdated”

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The Bitcoin hype is unbroken. In just one month, number one cryptocurrency rose another 85 percent to $ 10,557 and a market capitalization of $ 181 billion. But it is even faster: The relatively small with a market capitalization of three billion dollars cryptocurrency IOTA has increased in four weeks 284 percent. Just yesterday IOTA rose by over 50 percent. The SHAREHOLDER had already pointed out the new machine-to-machine cryptocurrency two weeks ago in an exclusive interview with Bitcoin millionaire Robert Küfner. Following the interview published in issue 47/2017 with the founder.

THE SHAREHOLDER: Mr Küfner, you have been active as a miner and trader in the blockchain environment since 2010 and you are suddenly in demand as a discussion partner. How do you like the new attention?

Robert Küfner: We have been shown in the press as Bitcoin millionaires lying in the sun with bikini girls on air mattress unicorns. We did not like it that much – but in the end the attention for my company has increased. 2017 was just the beginning – the mass is now aware that a revolution is starting. No one was interested in 2016 – the last 16 weeks have now become active for all major corporations – we talk to many.

Give us an example?

Foremost is the Deutsche Börse AG. I had initial discussions with you in 2013. In our test networks, we are now able to do what Clearstream does faster, safer and cheaper. That will disrupt the markets.

What will be the “Next Big Thing”?

Since April, my assessment of Blockchain has changed significantly. We’re at a point where blockchain technology is ready. The future is IOTA’s tangle – here we have achieved a breakthrough. He will disrupt everything in the real world, but also in the crypto sector. Even if Amazon accepts the bitcoin to jump on this cool move – but the application example of a cryptocurrency the Bitcoin will not meet. The blockchain is outdated. Because with the IOTA-Tangle, there is a technology that will make the Blockchain obsolete in the foreseeable future. Problems of Blockchain solves the tangle par excellence.

Specifically does that mean?

The tangle underlying IOTA is quantum-resistant and scales to infinity. Mining, the waste of energy like Bitcoin, is becoming obsolete.

Especially corporations with research in the field of Internet of Things such as Bosch, VW or Innogy rely on IOTA. But especially in transactions between machines, the amount of data is enormous. No problem?

Spam is good: the tangle gets faster, the more it uses – just the opposite of the classic blockchain.

Is the triumph of Blockchain-based Bitcoin over?

The Bitcoin is not well suited as a means of payment. As a digital gold, however, he has his permission. I keep my bitcoins. But the big breakthrough for crypto will bring the new technology. I am very bullish here and have private IOTA coins, which I will definitely keep.
To spread a currency, a big fan base is important. Is that a reason why innovations do not come from large corporations, but from the cryptosystem?
Yes. The geniuses of the scene can achieve greater success if they implement it themselves. These people want to build their decentralized technology because they want to initiate a paradigm shift. The moment Microsoft or Co develop such a technology, it would be compromised – not open-source. Distributed ledgers can make corporations not marketable despite billions in the coffers. The luminaries of this industry do not work for IBM.

What are you looking forward to?

Everything is getting faster, cheaper and better, including the financial industry. Cryptocurrencies are already traded 24 hours a day. It will massively change the classic stock exchanges.
They have just organized a blockchain workshop in Florida with fellow campaigners – and are already on their way back to Berlin. Where does the music play?
Not in Silicon Valley, but in Germany. Berlin is much cooler for the big names in the industry. Germany has the opportunity to become a leader in Distributed Ledger. Berlin is crypto-city number one.

What are your plans?

I want to implement this technology in the real world. We are facing a tide change. In 2017, it would be like talking about the development of the Internet in the early 1990s. One year today, in terms of speed of development, is like a decade earlier.
What do you think of ICOs (Initial Coin Offering)?
ICOs are a top tool to finance start-ups. The Ocean Protocol, Polkadot or The Energy Web Foundation are exciting. But there is also a lot of trash. Just now, an ICO with 40 lines of code has raised $ 150 million – $ 3.5 million per line …

Is this wild growth regulated?

Bitcoin will certainly not be banned, you can not do that. Even ICOs should not be banned. Soon, start-ups will also be able to tokenize participations in the company themselves via ICO. Issuing a security is still subject to a prospectus – but I assume that will crumble. That is unstoppable.
(Note: author Florian Söllner is invested in and trades in the following cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, IOTA. More on Bitcoin shares and cryptocurrencies in the SHAREHOLDERS Hot Stock Report