Very Good Job from Peter Willi – IOTA in the Ledger

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As night covers the Netherlands I’ve been able to make the first iota address on Ledger Nano S! Next up transactions? from Iota

All credits to: peterwilli[S]

“Thanks guys 😀 I’ll try to do some more next time! For the techies, this is what’s done:

I’ve been able to port IOTA Address and Seed generation to Ledger. This took quite a bit of time, as I also had to make myself familiar with Ledger’s Source Code.

Keccak didn’t seem to natively exist on Ledger, so I shamelessly took Keccak from the Trezor-firmware and it surprisingly worked!

I also borrowed some code from Bart who made the Trezor-version, so a huge shoutout to him. He helped me a lot with his project. I’ll give him official credit when it gets interesting enough to write a blogpost about 🙂

The seeds are currently generated using quite a weird way, since we use the BIP32 wallet function in Ledger to grab a Elliptic Curve Private key. Ofcourse IOTA doesn’t use Elliptic Curve, so we convert the private key to an iota seed, and ditch the public key. This way you can use your ledger seed as a source for infinite iota seeds.

The source code that creates these seeds is not 100% ready yet, as it currently only takes the first 48 bytes of that seed.

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