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The elusive “Q,” what is “Q”? What does it mean? Why are the developers of IOTA consistently throwing this letter at us?
No one knows for sure; but one can certainly speculate, especially with some extensive research and the treading through hundreds of Reddit posts that comes with it. This rabbit hole runs deep and in understanding the potential of the big picture could reap substantial long-term gains.

o first lay this out, one must know what JINN is, JINN was founded by cfb (come-from-beyond), along with founder of NXT David Sønstebø who is one of IOTAs head developers. JINN Labs developed the first modern ternary general purpose processor. JINN is essentially is a virtualization technology that allows software compiled for one processor/operating system to run on a system with a different processor/operating system, without any source code or binary changes (or should I say ternary). It is stated by cfb that JINN, “In a nutshell, is something between Intel’s CPU and NVidia’s GPU.” To provide some perspective, I’m sure those of you that have been involved with the stock market are well aware of what NVidia’s tech is capable of. NVidia and Intel run vertical processors while JINN utilizes a horizontal approach.

JINN had a successful ICO in 2014 by dutch auction of 100,000 assets (10%). The other 900,000 (90%) was kept by the founders and is now trading on the NXT exchange at USD 1,468.04 and has a market cap of, USD 86,178,352.

Now how does JINN tie together with IOTA? IOTAs Tangle is built in ternary language meaning that JINN is pretty much IOTAs long lost Dad who gave IOTA away for adoption and are currently emailing each other about when they are going to reunite. So yes, that means JINN is a parallel processor to IOTA.

So where does “Q” come into play?

This is pure speculation, although, according to cfb during JINNs development stage, “Q” could very well stand for “Qubics.” Cfb briefly mentioned Qubics, read below:

and concerning distributed computing…

The way I see it, it’s incredibly coincidental that JINN Labs and IOTA are closely related/interconnected, and cfb continues to drop hints of the letter “Q” when he mentioned “Qubics” in early 2014. It seems like the plan is bigger than most think and it is as clear as day upon doing further research. “Q” is essentially making it possible to incorporate distributed computing to IOTAs platform in governing the data being transferred to and from devices.

Upon further speculation “Q” can be considered a particular metric or codec that enables JINN to become an emulator (node) that can communicate with IOTAs network. If this proves true, this could potentially change the game in transferring data and communication with older tech not operating in the same language as IOTA. When IOTA began and said that it’d be a paradigm shift, it sure seems like that where this is heading. Not only will distributed computing brings new opportunity for IoT, but this could initiate a revolution of new blockchain, mining, and general technology capabilities. It will make the “shift” that much more effortless.

Be on the lookout for the new year….

What does this mean for the markets?

Because this technology has the capacity to legitimately alter the way we interact with the economy and technology. I can safely say that this is an extreme bullish long-term case scenario, especially considering how low IOTAs price is now. Even if you bought IOTA at a significantly low cost, maybe below a dollar, it might seem like what it’s sitting at (USD 4.50) right now high but I don’t see it as IOTA being close to its actual value.

It might seem like we are biased towards IOTA, but we look at each rising company/currency from the ultimate objective point of view. If the developers at IOTA pull this project off, which I they will, I would purchase some mIOTA as soon as possible. Earlier today we saw IOTA spike roughly USD 4.70 and it’s now stabilizing around USD 4.50, meaning that we could potentially see a massive movement in the price these next couple days..possibly even by this time tomorrow.

Tonight starting at 6:00 pm, IOTA will be live streaming a Data Marketplace meet up in Chicago, Illinois with Microsoft, and Bosch. Link to live stream:

Hosted by The Connectory the IoT collaboration between Bosch and 1871.
6:30pm – 7:30pm – IOTA Data Marketplace Overview & Demo
7:30pm – 8pm – Networking

IOTA has been receiving a fair amount of heat from many people lately about over-hyping their partnership with Microsoft, composed by people who like to spread rumors. That being said, hopefully tonights meet up will clear that up with them.

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