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IOTA after reaching the fourth spot last week, now moved to the fifth position as Litecoin skyrocketing this week. But still don’t get MIOTA holders, your HODL is worth every day. We have been receiving so many messages every day regarding IOTA price and is it a good time to buy IOTA this time.

IOTA News predicted a segment of events and predictions based on many factors. MIOTA coins will boost minimum to $38 and maximum to $2000+ in 2018 according to the predictions. Here is a list of events where I attribute my purely speculative change in the price of IOTA to certain events and occurrences.

IOTA Inevitable Events
Mass media of IOTA; movies, books, news, etc., dependent on popularity of medium; +0–5% spike per large production.
Dapps, like Chatangle +0–10% per dapp.
IRI performance improvements +1% per announcement.
Formal analysis of curl/kurl functions +3%.
Formal analysis of network performance +3%.
Formal analysis of attack potential +3%.
Coordinator open sourced +5%.
High-performance IRI implementation in Rust, etc. (please, no C++) +5%.
Google Finance listing cryptocurrencies +5%.
New wallet by UCL released+10%.
Removal of the coordinator +10%.
Hardware wallet integrations; Trezor, Ledger Nano S, etc. +10%.
Added to Gemini +10%.
IOTA ecosystem and software deemed production ready +15%.
Automated snapshotting +15%.
IOTA node (IRI) auto peering +20%.
Added to Bittrex +20%.
Added to Poloniex +20%.
Smart contracts +30%.
Added to Coinbase/GDAX +50%.
Added to Bithumb +50%.
Data marketplace open and active +50–300%.

IOTA becomes a mainstream arbitrage utility +100% –500%.

Conservatively, and assuming these inevitable events happen over the next year, we could see Miota priced between $38–$190. This would yield a market cap of $105 — $528 billion! Assuming those coins remain stagnant, IOTA has a decent chance of becoming number #1! And these are the conservative estimates.

If we use our liberal multiplier of 552x, we get a price of $552 — $2760 per Miota and a market cap of $1.53–$7.67 trillion!!!!!! Keep in mind, these are the liberal estimates and could take some years to come to fruition. – Peter Ryszkiewicz, Crypto enthusiast, software engineer, entrepreneur.

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  1. Good forecast picture.
    There is just one minus, because many investors cannot receive MIOTA.
    Could you please help me get back my MIOTA?
    The whole recovery process lasts 3 months.
    The is a bieg belief in IOTA!
    In other cases it will be after project.

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