IOTA will crash unless we get the timing right

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The basic premise here is that for hundreds of years, any threat to the status-quo is either beaten down, bought and shelved or bought and used to the main benefit of said status-quo.

The global financial system, and high net worth individuals, do not yet consider cryptocurrencies as a threat – compare the market cap of the Equity, commodity or derivative markets and you’ll see why.

The ratio of those mkts to the Crypto Mkt Cap is increasing exponentially, this won’t last, but it will trend to linear increase, and very soon be in the spotlight — (or headlights)!

Even thought the Mkt Cap of crypto is not an apples for apples comparison with the Equity markets, due to the lack of liquidity currently, in a double digit number of months, it will be.

(The current payout of cryptocurrency investments, has some properties of a global Ponzi Scheme, yet is so much more due to the scarcity of coins, decentralisation and security of the underlying technology…

On Bubbles: The best analogy to previous bubbles is with the .com bubble.. however the barrier to entry is a lot lower than the equity mkts in the late 90s. The 1500 coins will become 30 of worth within 3 years, the rest will fade, that’s the real comparison…. but will there be a larger POP…?

crypto – is not a bubble, as the barrier to entry is so low, that 60% of the world’s population can buy in. However as everyone with an internet connection, and soon a mobile phone and 4 hours has access to join, the mktcap will at some point rival fiat currency — that’s a sliding doors moment for sure… which will determine whether crypto is a bubble, or a monetary system game-changer)

Hopefully, before this point IOTA will be ready to roll and as a community, we need to rally behind the visionary creators, Dom and Sonny, the IOTA foundation and the handful of companies that have the prescience to research and manufacture the physical and electronic infra required for a mass rollout. We also need to lobby local councillors, mayors and low-level politicians who have jurisdiction over social policy in their various locales / cities, to enable Not-For-Profit Ecosystems that circle back the profit into the local communities.

If this rollout is a slow-burn drip feed.. it will quickly get the attention of the wrong people, who will use one of the above methods to subjugate the technology and divert the profits into their own pocket, by the usual n levels of indirection.

The importance of a Big Bang approach is below – for the conspiracy theorists, think bad big corporations and evil bankers.. for the existential thinkers.. consider the coupling of the AI and Industrial revolutions, and the differernce between the countries that adopted the not-for-profit ecosystems, and those that supported big business.

We need all the ducks lined up and ready to quack in tune, otherwise IOTA will just keep the swans gliding down the river.

Part 2

The Industrial Revolution didn’t exactly make our lives ‘easier’… We work longer hours in a continual chase for … well <-- why do you all work? What's the next revolution? Cryptocurrency and the abolishment of fiat currency? Intellectual Property sharing? No, it's bigger than that, these are enablers. The next revolution, will be around 'Not For Profit Ecosystems' -- ecosystems that run without the need to make corporations or individuals rich. Ecosystems that serve a purpose and collect value, yet selflessly circulate that value around the ecosystem in order to enforce basic human rights for all, and once that is ensured, continues to fund the enhancement of people's lives. Imagine a car that has no owner. It has a wallet but no driver. After it pays its own manufacturing costs, plus a profit... it sits in a city and waits for people to jump in, pay using crypto from their mobile phones and then starts the journey. It charges itself at an electric point pays using its wallet, and drives itself to a garage for servicing / repairs etc. Say the number of cars a small city actually needs is 20,000. So we have 20,000 cars, that after a year have paid their manufacturing costs, they then start to have a surpless of money/value/cryptocurrency... which is then paid into the central city's wallet, which is used to ensure basic human rights.... food, clothing, shelter, education, healthcare, security. Machines working to pay for humans... ! BTW - the solar panels also have their own wallets, which once they have paid for their own manufacturing costs and a profit, circulate the spare cryptocurrency back into the city... again, to pay for people's rent, food, education etc. Add a few more bits in this city's energy/transport system, and you end up with a selfless 'Not For Profit Ecosystem'. Some would say that the current economic model around fiat currency and growth is not sustainable. We have to throw away 98% of all the goods we bought in the last 6 months... to ensure more products are made, people are kept in jobs and growth is sustained. We have things that break, things that go out of fashion, and we have efficient outsourcing models all of which contribute to a false economy of growth, whilst at the most fundamental level what our collective minds have created is a globally destructive ecosystem that leads to non-degradable items going into landfill, the oceans and the atmosphere -- and soon space. Corporations, Jobs and Manufacturing in their current form do not have a natural affinity with life enhancement for the many, nor is the number of jobs scalable. As more corporations build machines and AI, which will do our work, we need to ensure that the value created circulates back into society, rather than into corporate bank accounts. The 'Not For Profit Ecosystem' is the answer, and IOTA is the best placed candidate currently to be the medium that will fuel it. The IOTA Foundation should set up both steering and working groups to define these 'Not For Profit Ecosystems'. It is ideally placed to act as the fuel that drives them, and the foundation status is key to the benefit reaching the masses. Man can do 2 things Move and think... The Industrial Revolution replaced our value add for moving, and AI will shortly replace our value add for thinking. We're kinda screwed should we not make these intelligent machines work for us!

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