Haarlem builds blockchain solution for providing securities

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On behalf of the municipality of Haarlem, ICTU and Xurux have developed a proof of concept for verifying securities through the public IOTA blockchain.

Xurux and ICTU make it possible to guarantee the authenticity of digitally provided documents with the help of ‘blockchain’. In the specific case, a citizen can demonstrate to a housing association via the blockchain that he / she is a resident of the municipality of Haarlem. This solution makes it no longer necessary to have to go to the town hall for every application.

According to Bas de Boer, innovation manager of the municipality of Haarlem and initiator of the project, the Proof of Concept shows that blockchain technology can be implemented concretely and in the short term. “In a manner of speaking, it can go into production tomorrow. It promotes technology and the adoption of blockchain in the public sector and thereby advances Dutch society. ”

The choice for IOTA removes a number of objections, in particular the Bitcoin blockchain, such as high energy consumption, transaction costs and the relatively low transaction speed.

The software developed by ICTU and Xurux is made available by the municipality of Haarlem as an open source code. This can be freely used by municipal and national governments that issue securities. It is the intention that this proof of concept will go into production in 2018.

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