The price of IOTA increases again- $ 5.30 USD (27.23%)

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All Credits to – Minh Carlton

The IOTA price on Tuesday, December 19, 2017 is $ $5.37 USD (16.09%), reporting a great rise in the market index. IOTA has recovered by more than 16% percent after there was confusion due to the announcement of the supposed association between IOTA and Microsoft, which strongly affected the price of the cryptocurrency.

IOTA Value increases above $5

Everything indicates that IOTA will continue to rise in the market and will most likely close the week above $ 5, this would mark a new record for IOTA after having fallen in the market due to the mentioned problem.

One of the aspects to highlight about IOTA is the great utility that has been predicted for the cryptocurrency in 2018, and we even announced a few days back the possibility of paying at electric recharge stations using IOTA.

Right now the IOTA value continues to grow and for those who took advantage of the fall and bought, now means more than a 35% in profits.

IOTA is a long term investment cryptocurrency, so it is not recommended to invest and then win by exchanging to another cryptocurrency.