Why this massively undervalued cryptocurrency could make you a lot of profit and survive a crypto-crash

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In recent weeks, the cryptocurrency market has exploded. At the time of writing this article, the global market capitalization has exceeded 500 billion dollars. While the cryptocurrency market is steering towards mass adoption, more and more experts are warning against the Bitcoin bubble to burst. A bubble forms when more money is flowing into a good than it may be worth. The ‘may be’ already hints at the problem at hand: The value of anything is solely defined by what people believe it is worth. Is Bitcoin really worth 300 billion dollars? So far, apparently, yes. But this can change in an instance.

In 2017, more than one thousand different cryptocurrencies have been listed. Many of those are literally ‘shitcoins’ and have no real application nor will they ever have one. In case of a value reconsideration of the market, these are the ones to fail first, followed by the ones that make technological promises that cannot be held. In the end, those which have the best chances to survive are the technologies that have actual real-world applications. One of those rare coins that have real partners, a clear go-to-market strategy and a working product is Modum.

“Modum combines IoT sensors with blockchain technology, providing data integrity for transactions involving physical products. Modum offers a passive monitoring solution to streamline the supply chain processes in many sectors.”

Take a look at their official video explaining the concept of Modum in less than a minute. For more in depth details about their approach I recommend reading the rather non-technical white-paper:

Modum is based in Zurich, Switzerland which is very close to both the crypto valley and multi-billion pharma companies like Roche and Novartis. There are rumors about partnerships with the latter and local supply chain giants like the Swiss mail services. In fact, the head of Sterile Packaging at Novartis is on the board of directors at Modum. As of now, all partnerships are under non-disclosure agreements.

Why pharma? According to the new EU regulation, over the distribution of medicinal products, pharma companies need to monitor and report environmental deviations (like temperature) during shipping to the authorities. In the EU, more than 200 million shipments of pharmaceutical goods are executed every year. As of today, no adequate implementations exist.

Modum’s passive monitoring solution guarantees compliance with EU regulations and has the potential to significantly reduce the 3 billion USD, 60% of the money annually spent on logistics services within the industry.

Modum directly targets this market niche and was successfully piloted in June 2016. Remarkably, this revolutionary technology is not limited to shipping of pharmaceutical products, but can applied to literally monitor anything.


To bring this back to my early point: Modum is a tech startup that develops an actual service for companies that pay them to use it. And now the jaw-dropping part: The token itself is not used to perform transactions like in Bitcoin, Etherum or IOTA, but behaves more like a company share. And we all know what that means: Dividends. Yes, right, Modum investors not only make money when the token increases in value, but get their share of the company’s profit regardless of the price development. Even in case the Bitcoin bubble bursts and the market suffers, Modum will keep making revenue since it has real-world adoption.

Is this the right time to invest? I absolutely believe so. Modum has a market capitalization of only 36 million dollars. While it may not rise to the level of Bitcoin, the value of the target market is still in the high billions and leaves much room to grow. Once the partnerships are announced and shipping begins, I expect Modum to draw a lot of attention.

Seriously, a token that pays you money even if the price is not rising with a market cap of less than 40 million, only 18 million existing coins and based in Switzerland a country so pro cryptocurrencies that you can pay your taxes in Bitcoin: I haven’t seen a better opportunity to invest in a long time.

Disclaimer: Always remember: invest smartly and responsibly, don’t go all in however good it sounds.