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Microsoft recently announced the public availability of Microsoft IoT Central, its first software-as-a-service (SaaS) IoT solution.
Highly scalable, it offers built-in support for IoT (Internet of Things or Internet of Things) best practices and security, along with the reliability, regional availability, and global scale of Azure, the Microsoft cloud.
Microsoft IoT Central enables companies worldwide to create quality IoT applications in hours, without having to manage all the necessary back-end infrastructures or learning new skills. In summary, Microsoft IoT Central allows everyone to benefit from IoT.

It works to create an IoT solution, eliminating the complexities of the initial configuration, as well as the management burden and operating expenses of a typical IoT project. That means you can realize your connected product vision faster, while focusing your efforts on customers and products. The end-to-end SaaS IoT solution lets you take advantage of the “digital feedback loop” to get information about your data and convert it into intelligent actions that result in better products and experiences for your customers.
By reducing the time, skills and investments required to develop a robust enterprise-level IoT solution, Microsoft IoT Central also brings the business benefits of IoT quickly. You can get started easily by connecting devices in seconds and moving from concept to production in hours. The complete IoT solution allows seamless scaling of some devices to millions of them connected as your IoT needs grow. In addition, it does not require guesswork thanks to a simple and comprehensive price that facilitates the planning of your investments and the fulfillment of your IoT goals.
In the security part, Microsoft IoT Central leverages privacy standards and technologies to help ensure that your data is accessible only to the right people in your organization. With IoT’s privacy features such as role-based access and integration with the Azure Active Directory permissions, you keep track of your information.
To further simplify IoT, Microsoft also announced the availability of the Azure IoT Hub Device Provisioning Service. The new service enables the provisioning of touch-zero devices and configuration of millions of devices to the Azure IoT Hub in a secure and scalable way.

Device Provisioning Service adds important features that, along with Azure IoT Hub device management, help customers easily manage all stages of the IoT device lifecycle.