Automobilwoche: What is IOTA?

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Germany: IOTA does not use blockchain technology as is the case with Bitcoin, but so-called Distributet Ledger, an open, decentralized database. Transactions in IOTA are not connected with each other on the basis of chronological blocks but in the form of a spider web, which makes transactions fast and scalable.
This, in turn, makes the IOTA transaction technology exciting for Bosch, which is currently undergoing transformation from automotive supplier to IoT solutions company. In order to send data and transactions between machines and terminals in bulk and in real time, IOTA seems to be a good vehicle.
Bosch’s investment in IOTA could provide the virtual currency with the missing boost so far. By the end of 2018, as it has now become known, first strategies for a market launch should be presented. Just a few weeks ago, the price of IOTA skyrocketed, making the cryptocurrency the fourth largest after Bitcoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash. Reason for the increase was the announcement of the IOTA Foundation to build a trading center for IoT sensor data.

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