IOTA analysis without major changes

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The price of the IOTA is maintained in a horizontal plane without being able to exceed the price of $ 3.50, in terms of capitalization it has remained at a price of $ 9,728,494,967. IOTA has not presented a significant increase after the fall on December 22.

On December 22, 2017, IOTA reported its deepest fall, reaching $ 2.80, and then to raise the price by $ 3.40, and since then it has remained at a horizontal line price without major movement today.

The cryptocurrency has been one of the most important considered for 2018, based on the most recent negotiations of IOTA we can determine an increase in mid-2018 – IOTA has reported that Bosch Venture bought a significant amount of tokens . Which gives more confidence to new investors.

Should I invest in IOTA?

If you intend to invest in IOTA buying the cryptocurrency directly, we recommend you keep in mind that IOTA is a long-term investment, it is best to read about the project and understand exactly what the cryptocurrency profile is about .

IOTA can be saved on the web using an Exchanger such as Bitfenix or save cryptocurrencies on your PC by deleting the official IOTA Wallet.

At this time you can invest in IOTA without having to make a large investment since the price remains low compared to previous days when the price reached $ 5.40.

An investment of $ 100 dollars can represent a good option and would not compromise the personal economy of an investor, mainly someone who is initiating.

In the end the most important thing is that you can invest what you can afford to lose, remember that this type of investment like the Forex has its high volatility.

It is expected that the IOTA will have a significant growth before January 16 since there have been different projects that could affect the price of the cryptocurrency.

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