IOTA can be used in elections

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Russia: According to David Sønstebø, the technology of blocking is too expensive and inefficient when working with devices of the Internet of things. In addition, IOTA refused to provide assistance to the miners when verifying transactions.

In addition, IOTA can be used as an e-government system, in particular, during elections. Unlike regular bulletins with which you can arrange various frauds, e-voting through the IOTA Tangle registry will allow you to accurately record and count each vote.

Another problem is the issue of secure message exchange. Through the IOTA core module, you can transfer data using fully authenticated and encrypted channels. Another innovative service IOTA – the ability to rent almost all devices with a built-in chip.

For example, household appliances, tools, drones, computer space, computing power, broadband Wi-Fi, etc. can be leased out, and their owners will earn on their unused devices instead of just letting them dust themselves around.

The basic idea is to enable each connected sensor or device to obtain data from the open market for a micro-payment. For example, smart city sensors can use information about the state of the environment collected by Samsung’s ARTIK sensors to receive an air pollution warning. And connected cars could buy from Bosch information about faulty spare parts.

While the IOTA team does not share details about the specifics of future applications. Most likely, she wants the IoT-community itself to offer them ideas. But the developers emphasize that the new market will be an excellent chance to show how the business of micropayments in real time can connect innovative applications with the needs of smart cities, AI, suppliers and much more.


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