Is it time to invest in IOTA?

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Launched in 2015, IOTA is a cryptocurrency that has captured the attention of many users. Thus, since its appearance in the market, it has had many achievements. For example, the creation of collaboration groups with Volkswagen to develop automotive technology .

In the current year, cryptocurrencies in general, have been in high demand and therefore, have increased their value exponentially. Therefore, the constant rise in Bitcoin prices has attracted the attention of the world about the crypto market . As a result, alternative cryptocurrencies such as IOTA have benefited from this .

IOTA today

In June of this year, the IOTA was located with a market value of $ 0.53 . In this way, a marked rise in the price was appreciated, having a current market value of $ 3.78 dollars. Also, its capitalization market is $ 10,519,799,443, and it has a trade volume of $ 177,505,000 in the last 24 hours, according to CoinMarketCap.
Currently, IOTA has remained in a stable range, with a cap of $ 5.59 dollars and a fund of $ 3,032 dollars. During the festive dates, in which several cryptocurrencies had decrease in their prices, the purchase of IOTA was high. Also, the cryptocurrency is expected to continue rising to the top of $ 5.59 dollars . However, it is expected that after this rise, there will be a price drop. What can be another good opportunity for buyers.

Is it beneficial to invest in IOTA?

The popularity of the crypto market continues to grow, which translates into a higher demand for cryptocurrency. In this sense, the IOTA has been a very promising cryptocurrency, due to its unique characteristics. Like the fact that it does not work on a blockchain, but a system known as Directed Acyclic Graph . Which, has been of special interest to investors. So it is recommended to invest immediately.

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