What is IOTA? Why is it constantly rising?

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Crypto currencies are one of the most talked-about subjects right now. Bitcoin occupies the most space in this sector. An ups and downs have turned the eyes into herself with a fall. After Bitcoin, the crypto currency IOTA is shining in the moment. What is IOTA? How to buy? Here are the curiosities about IOTA!

Big investors are already investing their fortune in crypto-currency. Among the crypto currencies, the demand for Bitcoic is increasing and maintaining its place on the agenda. The other virtual currency, IOTA, shines in the past days. IOTA does not know how to stop and it keeps on rising. What lies behind the rise of IOTA? What is this IOTA? Here are the details!

What is IOTA?

IOTA is another virtual currency that protects its place on the agenda and is a rival to Bitcoin, which is increasing day by day. It is known that IOTA is more efficient, faster and most importantly more reliable than other cryptographic currencies, including Bitcoin. IOTA has a different system than other crypto currencies. The system of IOTA is called Tangle. According to this system, those who want to transfer to IOTA need two more transfer approvals. That is, two random transfers are selected to make a new transfer entry to the system, and after confirming the balance with the connected keys, they are confirmed.

The reason for this approval period is to provide security against spam and fraudulent identities. This system ensures that this system is faster, more efficient and more reliable. This system has probably attracted other large companies. Because companies like Microsoft and Fujitsi collaborate with IOTA. IOTA currently has a market value of $ 6.75 billion and is trading at $ 4.02.

What are the IOTA units?

Just as each crypto currency is a unit of account, IOTA has a unit of account. The smallest accounting unit of IOTA is Lota. The reason why the smallest unit is Lota is that it is the smallest letter in the Greek alphabet and the second one is Lota. In IOTA, the names of other major currencies are created with inserts that come before Lota. IOTA’s units are as follows;

Kilolota (Ki) = 1.000 IOTA
Megalota (Ki) = 1.000.000 IOTA
Gigalota (Gi) = IOTA
Teralota (Ti) = IOTA
Peralota (Pi) = IOTA

What is behind the rise of IOTA?

IOTA, which traded at $ 1.45 on Sunday (December 3rd), rose to $ 3.21 in two days. Now it’s trading at $ 4.02. The rate of increase in IOTA was recorded as 120% and the market value was over 8 billion dollars. Behind this rise of IOTA, it is said that IOTA is the agreement of technology giants such as Fujitsu, Microsoft and Samsung. In this development, IOTA wrote the fifth rank among the highest cryptographic currencies.

How to get IOTA

Since IOTA is a very new crypto currency, there are very few in the stock market. For this reason, a few platforms are offered to those who want to buy IOTA. According to recent reports, sites like Bittrex, Poloniex and Cex.io are known to be able to purchase IOTA. Finally, it is thought that if IOTA enters the stock market, it will be worth about 10 dollars.

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