IOTA Currency Rumors to Partner with the Microsoft Corporation

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The first thing we need to mention about the IOTA currency is that its quite unique when compared with the likes of Bitcoin and Ethereum. The reason we are saying this is because IOTA features a blockless “tangle” ledger system which means that it doesn’t have any transaction per second limits.

This special ledger system is going to help huge companies deal with micro transitions that would otherwise cause delay. Furthermore, experts are anticipating that IOTA currency is going to see a huge growth in popularity which means that micro transactions are on their way.

This is what Serguei Popov who is an IOTA mathematician has to say about the new currency: “The tangle naturally succeeds the blockchain as its next evolutionary step, and offers features that are required to establish a machine to machine micropayment system”.

Zero Fees

The best thing about IOTA currency is that people are not going to be forced to pay any fees. Bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies are known for charging microfees on every transaction, but IOTA is looking to go on a different route.

IOTA doesn’t require any sort of computer mining and this is the reason why IOTA will not charge any fees to validate transactions. We should also mention that IOTA and its partners want to associate themselves with the Microsoft Corporations to make it easier for people to purchase assets and units.

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