What to expect for the world of technology in 2018?

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After the 2017 retrospective, it’s time to start thinking about next year. And in the technology sector, it’s no different: products, themes, platforms, and bundles that should buck in 2018 start to be planned well in advance.

TecMundo has gathered below some trends that the whole world should hear a lot in the coming months and quickly explained each one of them.

So you’re prepared to face the world of technology and make the most of the content here on the site next year – as well as having some very different topics to discuss with your family at Christmas dinner.

The blockchain will be in more places

The blockchain technology will begin to be applied in various sectors, not only in the formation of new currencies. Basically, it decentralizes data in open code and does so in an encrypted way, which still makes it difficult to identify the source and increases security.

A montage.

In 2017, we already had the digital encyclopedia and a cell phone on this wave.But the potential is much greater: expect blockchain using the Internet of Things to manage entire household devices, data analysis, and more. Companies like IBM have already directed efforts to better research the platform and startups are also already watching this wave.

The Crypto-Coins will pump (for good and evil)

Since November 2017, Bitcoin has started shooting. This generated the interest of many people who had never even heard of crypto-coins, made her fluctuation even more unstable and generated much expectation of what value she will reach next year.


Only she’s not the only one. The Ethereum stabilized in second place, the hard fork originated Bitcoin Cash , IOTA began to attract attention and even older ones, such as Litecoin , gained space. By 2018, we can expect new currencies coming up, a lot of price variation and also security issues, which are very common at this stage when this is not yet the first concern.

An internet of much more Things

You should have read and heard that IoT (Internet of Things) is something wonderful and will only evolve, but it is possible that your residence is not so integrated. In 2018, the idea is that at least some step be taken in this worldwide popularization.

IoT is not going to grow alone, although it is likely to present major launches with a variety of functions throughout the year.

It will have 5G , which is expected to begin testing in 2018, the most widespread implementation of the IPv6 protocol and the mesh network system, which significantly improves WiFi coverage, but only recently arrived in Brazil.

Artificial Intelligence Expanding

Did you find that many innovations about Artificial Intelligence came out in 2017?You’re right, but you’ll hear about it even more in 2018. That’s because systems are getting smarter and a lot of quality should come out of the labs and into the market next year. Você com o poder da IBM: Inteligência artificial projetada para negócios Patrocinado 

The great weapon of the year will be machine learning, which is the automatic and inductive learning of a system, always evolving.

Sectors such as health (in diagnosis), commerce (in product organization and ad suggestions) and even journalism (data processing and fact checking) will benefit a lot from the AI ​​- and with the hype already a little smaller, it’s time put your hand in the dough.

Greater use of voice commands

Voice commands for speaking with personal assistants are already quite useful, but they should look even better and more indispensable in 2018. Siri , Cortana , Google Assistant , Alexa and Bixby will be constantly in contention to see who launches the best resource for the user . More features must be activated only by using the voice and the idea is that you need to keep using your hands for everything on the device.

Native Cloud

Calm down, you’re not reading the prediction of years ago. Cloud computing is already quite common in many industries, but it still has one step to take – and it may be that the time has finally come in 2018.

A cloud.

The expansion of plications that are born and operate directly from the cloud is a step that can improve products that are already in operation and generate even more incredible services. Softwares that do not physically operate on the device you’re using can be more energy-efficient and cost-effective without losing performance.

Home assistants finally in Brazil

This is more an expectation than a guess. Google Home , Home Pod , Amazon Echo and many other personal assistant-shaped speakers are already turning fashion out there with several manufacturers entering this market. But the Brazilian public that wants something of the kind has only one option: import and, once installed, can only communicate in English.

Amazon Echo.

Brazil still has a number of obstacles, it’s true. To begin with, in-home connectivity is a problem for many people, since speed and quality of wireless signal are problems that many people face. In addition, the price of IoT devices is no longer accurately accessible, and the public would still have to pick up taste and be convinced of the utility of these speakers.

The launch also depends on the items mentioned above in this article, such as personal assistants improved in Brazilian Portuguese or who speak the language, such as Alexa.

Intermediate Smartphones with Borderless Screen

Samsung already burned the start of this forecast. Recently it introduced the Galaxy A8 (2018) and A8 + (2018) models with Infinity Display technology, that is, practically without borders and with the almost entire front panel dedicated to the screen. The differential? The two handsets are not considered top of the line, fitting into “Premium Intermediate”.

A smartphone.
The Galaxy A8 of 2018.

This is more or less what should happen next year: manufacturers will bet on the “infinite screen” (which gets a different name in each company) for products from other lines. That means their price may go up, but they will certainly look more flashy – and the top of the line will need a new differential.

The “PC Mode” on smartphones

This is a bet that, in order to reach its maximum potential, should be for the second half and maybe even 2019. The technology that allows smartphones to transform into miniature computers when connected to a monitor, mouse and keyboard already exists, but should be popularized soon.

A computer
The Continuum project.

Actions already exist: Microsoft’s Continuum; Samsung’s Dex; the Huawei Desktop Mode. It should be restricted to top-of-the-line models in 2018 and not all companies can enjoy the idea, but certainly the technical specifications of mobile devices will already allow it to be used as a PC. This is a technology that can even retire the use of computers for casual tasks.

Augmented reality more used and daring

Virtual reality (VR) has had stronger years, when devices like HTC Live and Gear VR were released. It will not fade from the scene, but it’s augmented reality (AR) should start to gain more ground.

Apple bets a lot on the platform with ARKit and iPhones and iPads should have more and more resources in that area. In addition, Google is not far behind: the Tango did not work very well, but it was the seed that generated the ARCore, that yes full of possibilities.

A game scene.
The Walking Dead game in AR.

With the explosion of Pokémon GO followed by stagnation with fewer users, developers have learned better how to make such a game – and The Walking Deadand Harry Potter are just a few of those confirmed.

Flexible display on mobile: now will it?

Every year is the same story. Patents of major brands indicate that we will have smartphones with really flexible folding screens soon, but all that appears is an experiment like LG Flex or ZTE Axom M.

A smartphone
The conceptual design of Samsung.


In 2018, it’s good to go: it’s not going to be big and widespread yet. However, we may already have the first efforts of this technology being really applied to its full potential. Samsung seems to finally get into this industry after years of concepts and Huawei seems willing to follow that idea.

The battle between bots, fake news and social networks

Regardless of your political stance, you can not deny: fake news and bots that forge information, share false news or make interactions, and robotic praise on social networks has come to stay.

So, in addition to the increase of fakes, bots and so-called “fake news”, we will see new ways to combat this.

Facebook, Google and Twitter are improving tools, but the weapons of those who control those networks are better. Of course voters are not completely manipulated and an election takes into account several factors, but this is a real concern. In fact, in 2018, Brazil will go through new elections and this behavior will certainly be identified again.

So, by what possible technology news in 2018 are you most anxious? What did not we mention on this list, which is a long awaited one for next year? Leave your comment and cross your fingers to make it all come true.

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