Beware Of Skeptics When Trading IOTA

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These new programs have not deterred the “FUD” being spread keeping IOTAs’ price point analysis in check. Yes, there have been issues with the IOTA wallet and the recent “fake news” being spread that has left IOTA under attack because of public relation issues, but that doesn’t mean that IOTA does not have the potential. They can become a major instrument in projects like the machine to machine payments, the data marketplace, etc. We aren’t the only ones that believe in this movement, as Robert Bosch Venture Capital has announced the acquisition of a significant amount of MIOTA, with the idea of fueling this machine economy that IOTA and their developers have in mind. IOTA also happens to be the first electronic coin acquires by the Venture Capitalist group based out of Stuttgart.
Energy and the mass-amount of it being used to mine BTC have led to many skeptics voicing their opinion on the fact that this amount of energy is unsustainable. This will lead to the lack of mining in the future, as it may become too expensive or even subject to regulations because of the use of fossil fuels in the process. Keeping in mind the active node, IOTA has recently released an article in the Tangle blog that talks about what happens when “greedy” nodes become involved in the process and the Nash equilibria. They even conducted a simulation of what happens to reach this point through simulations.
We still feel that IOTA will become huge as the need for data has become popular with careers in the field becoming more and more in demand. We can see IoT possibly becoming a tool that is crucial to the data scientist that will be in charge of collecting this data. That being said we recommend that you “Keep Calm and HODL.

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