Bitcoin rises to $ 60,000 in 2018″. Japan News from IOTA!

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Dr. Julian Hosp has been clarifying the opportunities and risks of cryptocurrencies on Youtube and Facebook for years. The author of the book “Cryptocurrencies” now told the DER AKTIONÄR: “In 2018 I see the trend that big companies are selling shares as ICO.” There is also to be expected more “mass adoption” and education of the people. The interim corrections at Bitcoin do not scare the optimist: His goal: “2018 we see the highest level at $ 60,000.”

As early as 2017, Bitcoin has risen by 1,070 percent to currently $ 14,500. Shareholders of the Bitcoin Group have gained a great deal: The share’s increase since mid-2016 is 1.400 percent. The DER AKTIONÄRHot Stock Report has already recommended at that time the then completely unknown, risky small-cap.

Almost none of Bitcoin and the Bitcoin Group were on the bill in 2016 – just the right time for a cheap, counter-cyclical start. The currency Bitcoin alone has increased 2,400 percent since the recommendation for the readers. But Florian Söllner says today: 2018 will win less Bitcoin and Bitcoin shares, but completely new concepts – the “new generation of Blockchain”. Because today IOTA shares nobody on the bill .

2017 Bitcoin, 2018 IOTA: News from Japan

The Hot Stock Report is making a new bet for 2018 – on profiteers of the “new Bitcoins”, such as the Coin Highflyer IOTA, which has gained 1,000 percent since November. Just recently the news: Bosch buys IOTA coins for research purposes. Vision is: Paying for machines, robots and robotic cars will in future be paid by IOTA-Coins! Now also the news: The IOTA Foundation has gained a new strategic partner with the Metropolitan Government Program.

The DER AKTIONÄR met with IOTA co-founder Dominik Schiener personally in Berlin and is convinced of the early-stage but highly innovative approach. We have just learned from the boss of In 2018 IOTA’s trade will be considered.

“IOTA Share” No. 1: “Contact with DAX Companies”

If 2018 is the year of the Bitcoin alternatives, then two new small caps should start. The Hot Stock Report has spoken to the initiator of a new startup and bitcoin millionaire and received exclusive insight into a new “IOTA Hot Stock”. A paper only for the brave. It’s a bet, as comprehensive fundamental data is still missing. But we have now heard first-hand: “We (the IOTA hot-stock) are in contact with numerous DAX companies.” And further: “From the first quarter of 2018 there should be news on the goals and larger customer projects.” The starting signal for a big rally?

“IOTA Share” No. 2: In the sights of visionaries

Already in the depot 2030 is another hot share, a true hot-stick, which researches on the machine of the future. Exclusively, the DER AKTIONÄR learned from a strategist, “Elon Musk of the Mechanical Engineering Industry”, that he was examining to join exactly this hot-stick: “I like the approach very well – it’s quite possible that we will act as an investor!” Market participants are just confirming that the major investor is apparently already actively buying. In addition, very exciting: In the new issue of the Hot Stock Report 52 is reported that the strategist of this hot-stick has met in these hours with IOTA (!) For the first talks. Exactly the stuff that makes stock turnaround stories!

According to the stock market world, the 2030 depot is one of the top 3 stock pro-portals of the year 2017. Florian Söllner will start the new year 2018 directly with a custody account offensive. You can be there right from the start by signing up for the latest “IOTA Edition” and 12 other editions of HOT STOCK REPORT, the special service for insider tips. 2017 was Bitcoin, 2018 will be the year of the new generation blockchain. Our intentions for 2018: Courageously and aggressively set on new trends.

Disclaimer: Editor-in-Chief Florian Söllner owns and trades in the cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, IOTA, Cardano, Bitcoin Cash.

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