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Germany: What is behind IOTA that it attracts the interest of investors, investors and renowned tech companies like Microsoft and Samsung all about? “In contrast to the one-dimensional block chain that can grow only in one direction, the mathematical concept of allowing directed acyclic graph (DAG) the Tangle, in many different places to grow at the same time , “explains Andreas Osowski , Core Developer at IOTA Foundation.

The Tangle technology is so lightweight that even smaller computers, in cars, smartphones, drones, laptops and other networked devices can process the transactions. “Transaction fees thereby disapears. If you like, each network participant pays the transaction with its own processing power,” says Osowski.

Data marketplace for Microsoft, Bosch and other

IOTA works with more than 30 well-known tech companies such as Microsoft, Bosch, Fujitsu and Samsung, as part of a pilot project while a data marketplace is built with the Tangle. In the exchange of IOTA tokens businesses can among themselves act as weather data or information on air quality. “For the proof-of-concept, we are working with a total of 30 companies from the industry together,” says Osowski.
“We do not want to be the next Bitcoin. We want to create a standard that is used proactively by the industry,” said IOTA developer Osowski: “We want in the near future show that the Tangle is what we promise and get more big players on board.” Source: futurezone . de

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