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While other crypto currencies like Monero or NEO just get going, IOTA has won since its start of trading in June 2017 already more than 600 percent in value. The advantage of IOTA is that it does not rely on the block chain technology, such as Bitcoin does, but its own software protocol for IOTA was developed, known as Tangle. This means that more transactions can be made as to the Bitcoin.

Until recently IOTA could only be traded through the platform Bitfinex. In late December announced IOTA co-founder Dominik Schienerberg that there will be more in the future provider for the IOTA trading. Yesterday was then reported on the official Facebook page of IOTA that the technical implementation was completed for the IOTA trading on the new exchange platforms. However Schienerberg said nothing about which platforms it is. but there is speculation on exchanges such as octopus, Gemini or Coinone. IOTA has reached a market capitalization of over 11 billion US dollars. In December 2017 there were eight billion US dollars.

IOTA is more than just a currency
Also on since November of last year, officially registered in Germany IOTA Foundation is increasingly becoming known. The IOTA-founders are hoping by the Foundation an increase in trade with the crypto-currency. By getting new members are to benefit projects in areas such as health, mobility, Fintech or research and development and advanced simultaneously. Yesterday Co-Chief Schienerberg has announced that the IOTA Foundation won the US non-profit organization International Transportation Innovation Center as a partner. Together, the two organizations will work on the development of autonomous vehicles.

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