IOTA is going to make your city smart

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The IOTA Foundation announced that it had met the International Transportation Innovation Center (ITIC). The target? Build a global alliance of intelligent mobility test tools – platforms to think through innovations and test new applications, processes, products, services and business models to determine their usefulness, suitability and profitability before implementation.

Why is it so significant?

The goal of ITIC is to build a global network of open and closed test tools to determine which mobility services based on artificial intelligence – in “smart city” environments – will work. It does this with a combination of virtual, augmented and physical testing methods.

As a result of this rigorous test, it creates a test data pool that can be used by the whole intelligent mobility ecosystem. This means that developers can gain access to test vehicle fleets and infrastructure within the global ITIC test network.

So what does this mean for IOTA?

The IOTA marketplace will provide a platform that acquires, shares and selects high quality test data from certified test sites. Public and private test rigs will be able to participate in the ITIC Mobility Testbed Alliance.

The effects on the value of IOTA

This announcement, like all other announcements of such high importance, can cause a flare in IOTA quotation in the short term . If the collaboration will actually go ahead and there will be real developments (as it seems likely) IOTA increases will be consolidated in the long term.

The effects of this partnership could be even more massive. In fact, if the collaboration will be effective, probably other institutions will also want to collaborate with IOTA, leading to a further increase in this interesting cryptocurrency.

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