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For some time now we have heard about the IOTA community, which in 2018 will be announced a collaboration with Tesla electric car giant.

Let’s take a step back, in 2017 Elon refuses a collaboration with Uber, following their CEO resigns.

Try to follow this reasoning:

TESLA engineers have now developed software that allows cars to drive themselves, this system now tested is tens of times safer than the classic human driver subject to fatigue, alcohol, distractions, nervousness etc … So it makes the vehicle independent, in some sense.
IOTA is a crypto-currency that revolutionizes the classic blockchain with its technology called Tangle. The Miners are totally removed and with them the electricity costs due to the confirmation of the transactions. This is because each user, in order to send a transaction, confirms two more in turn, so as to obtain definitive decentralization and solve bitcoin problems. So using IOTA to transfer money is totally FREE and scalable indefinitely.
Can you imagine how these two innovative systems could work together?

The machines could own their own wallets that they could use to recharge at electric stations or offer passages to people who need them in exchange for payments with IOTA. In this way there would no longer be real owners but it is technology that becomes owner of itself and makes itself available to all of humanity.

Here is a preview of the platform released privately by IOTA developers:

This is only a first big step, but for years now we are talking about IoT (the Internet of Things) and the possibilities are really endless. It is hard to admit it but in some fields technology is better than us, the good news is that we can use it to our advantage.


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