New Intel Quantum Processor Can Break Bitcoin and Strengthen Iota

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Anyone who has Bitcoin needs to keep an eye on the Intel project, which is developing a 17-qubit quantum processor. The intention is to use it mainly in surveys, but many will want to see this super machine revealing the codes that guarantee the protection of the virtual currency.

There are other companies working on the design of a quantum processor, but Intel has made a rapid breakthrough in its design and could make the first quantum computers viable.
But Intel is not the only one to take the sleep of those who invest in Bitcoin. Google, for example, is developing a 20-quit processor, and that’s a bit short of the D-Wave project, which is creating a 2,000-qubit computer.

This means that the security that guarantees the existence of Bitcoin will be transformed into nothing.

Only that Intel’s design is even more ambitious, because the company wants to not only create the quantum processor, but also, make it popular. IBM is also working on this, and is already developing a 17-qubit computer that can reach the market well sooner than you think. Note that ‘qubits’ means ‘quantum bits’ and is the way to describe the power of the processor of a Quantum Computer.

Intel declined to give more details on one of its more ambitious projects, however, revealed that it was no wonder that it chose 17 qubits. The company explained that this is the smallest amount to run the algorithms, to correct errors in the process.

D-Wave has already done a quantum computer test alongside one of today’s most modern models, surprising everyone with the result.

In less than half a second, the quantum computer solved the problem, while the other machine took half an hour. A quantum computer is almost 4,000 times faster than a current computer with excellent configuration.
Nobody doubts that today, the blockchain network is extremely safe, only that the advancement of the quantum computer is a serious problem for Bitcoin. The security of the blockchain network can be broken quietly by a quantum computer and then the question comes: what will be done?

It seems that the community is waiting for the problem to happen, to seek a solution, when the ideal would be to work on it now, so that when quantum computers reach the market, they could not bring a threat to Bitcoin’s existence.
And in the face of this possible chaos, Iota comes up with a new technology and would be greatly benefited.

IOTA is a totally different technology from all existing currencies, and represents a radical paradigm shift. It is a crypto-currency that does not use the blockchain, thus managing to solve the limitations of the coins that came from Bitcoin.

A new technology, called tangle, is the basis of the IOTA network, giving it a number of superior qualities, among which:

tremendous scalability and speed;
inexistence of rates, which allows infinitesimal microtransactions (nanotranslation);
resistant to attacks by quantum computation;
modular and lightweight structure suitable for integration into any devices in the Internet of Things (IoT) environment.
Do you think that Bitcoin will cease to exist with the arrival of the quantum computer? Will Iota be overrated with the arrival of quantum computers? Leave your opinion below.

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