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Enormous price developments

Recognizing Bitcoin’s share price performance in 2017 alone (from about $ 1,000 at the beginning of the year to its current peak of nearly $ 20,000), it is reasonable to expect that, other than some extreme volatility, the price action can not be predicted concretely.

Some experts even assume that the Bitcoin could approach the 100,000 euro mark in the coming year. Others are less optimistic and prophesy the bursting of a huge speculative bubble. Regardless of the value of the individual cryptocurrencies, another element plays a role in future developments: new technologies in the Internet of Things area.

Internet of Things will grow fast

The Internet of Things (IoT) is more than just a simple vision at the moment. The goal is to connect objects worldwide with each other in order to reduce the workload of people in many ways or to facilitate things. If the fridge itself ensures that fresh milk lands on the (digital) shopping list, the car turns on the light in the driveway or Alexa grandma sends beautiful Christmas greetings, then the Internet of Things is involved. Among other things, to make payments here, the digital currency IOTA was developed.

Is it worth it to invest in IOTA?

At the present time (early 2018), IOTA seems to be a promising option for investors in the eyes of some experts as the Internet of Things market is still in its infancy. As IoT applications become established, growth in this area may accelerate rapidly.

The potential of what IOTA does is far from exhausted. Although there are no absolute collateral in the crypto market, high risk is sometimes rewarded with a high return.

Also, that many large companies are involved in the IOTA Foundation, speaks for the potential behind it.

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