IOTA heading to the moon in 2018

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If it is to judge this year by the first couple of weeks of January 2018 will be the year IOTA will most probably “go to the moon” as Dogecoin users like to say when they are referring to having increased prices of their favorite coin. IOTA experienced a pretty neat increase in value, going nearly for 10% up, leading to the price of 3.96$ per one IOTA coin.

This digital currency has managed to join the team of top ten best coins by global coin ranking list, taking the ninth place which belonged to TRON only a couple of weeks ago, making IOTA look like the next promising coin going rough on its competition. The general interest for this coin is probably growing simultaneously with the growing popularity of the Internet of Things as people slowly realize that there are more economical and cost-effective business models and ways of doing business more promptly, proficiently and efficiently.

The total market cap of IOTA is currently an incredible 11 billion dollars, while there are 2.7 billion IOTA coins in circulation. Thanks to the innovative technology that proves that decentralized platforms and currencies can be made even without using blockchains as the base technology, this digital currency is promptly working its way up to the top.

If you add the fact that this coin was made to support the Economy of Things which might be the next great model of doing business, it seems like IOTA has it all figured out, for now, provoking predictions of having this coin one of the top coins by the end of the year 2018. But, when it comes to coin market you must never be confident in the stability of any digital currency – just remember that TRON was where IOTA was now on the global coin ranking list only a couple of weeks ago.

Source: globalcoinreport. com