TangleDICE.com | The first IOTA dice site

You ask for more projects on IOTA?
We gave you one! It has been 4 days since the first announcement of https://tangledice.com here on Reddit.
In that time there were already 225 games with deposits. All of them worked flawlessly without any complaint! Some users reported that a game took them less then 3 minutes from confirmed deposit till confirmed payout. Who says the Tangle is not operational yet? Playing on TangleDICE also enhanced the tangle.
We moved around 3.5Gi and we already broadcasted over 4000 healthy transactions, excluding the ones that were made by our players with their deposits! https://thetangle.org/tag/TANGLEDICEPROMOTOR https://thetangle.org/tag/TANGLEDICEWIN
https://thetangle.org/tag/TANGLEDICELOSE The provable fair page was updated with an example so everybody is able to verify that their dice roll was not tampered with. Take your chance and enhance the Tangle by playing on https://tangledice.com now!


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