Slim data streams

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IOTA streamlined the data streams compared to other cryptocurrencies. Only the respective transactions are transmitted. In addition, there is not just one strand, but several that can be executed in parallel. IOTA is thus scalable to infinity. For a transacted transaction, two others must be validated. Anyone who pays with IOTA also participates in the review process at the same time. As a result, each transaction is reviewed multiple times and the “tangle” would grow indefinitely. However, in order not to overload the memory of the connected devices, the Tangle is regularly saved (like a snapshot) and then used as a new reference point.

IOTA protects the environment

The amount of currency units available is limited to 2.7 quadrillion tokens . Unlike other cryptocurrencies, there is no “mining”, so no energy is needed to generate the currency. That spares natural resources. Another advantage is that IOTA does not incur transaction fees. IOTA is also fast: One transaction is done in the millisecond range. At the end of 2017 IOTA was one of the 10 most valuable cryptocurrencies

The advantages of IOTA at a glance:
Designed for communication between machines
No blockchain, but “tangle”
Infinitely scalable
No mining, therefore environmentally friendly
No transaction costs

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