IOTA Foundation’s Clara Shikelman explaining Random Walks in crypto and IOTA in Hebrew

All Credits to Algorithms Israel | Original Video –

This talk took place at the second MeetUp of Algorithm Israel 🙂

It was a pleasure to host Clara Shikhelman, who talked to us about the new and clever ways in which graph theory is used in the crypto-currency domain.

The talk is in hebrew, and assumes basic background in graph theory.

The emerging world of Cryptocurrency brings with it exciting new questions – technological, financial and algorithmical. In this talk we will introduce some basic ideas and currencies beyond Bitcoin together with the algorithms behind them. We will discuss different data structures, how a community can reach consensus and why randomness is our friend.

About Clara:
Clara is pursuing her PhD in combinatorics and graph theory (, with Prof. Noga Alon as her advisor, frequently visits universities such as Princeton and Harvard and works as a researcher for the IOTA foundation ( In her free time Clara likes to give lectures about hidden mathematical gems ( in well known books such as “Alice in Wonderland”.

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