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Schiener and his colleagues have spent the last few months setting up the IOTA Foundation, which is now a fully regulated German entity.

As for its current priorities, he said: “The first one is definitely to get the technology right, to get it to a stage where it’s production ready. That is kind of our main focus on 2018 “The second thing is to really engage with the ecosystem, which means developers that build products. Apart from this community, we also have a big corporate ecosystem where we really focus with them on, hey, how can we introduce the technology to you and more importantly, how can we do projects together?”
IOTA recently signed a deal with Taipei to collaborate on “Smart Cities” projects and Volkswagen’s chief digital officer Johann Jungwirth joined the foundation’s supervisory board last month.

Schiener said: “The stage that we’re at right now is we’re crossing over from doing proof of concepts to doing larger case studies like really out in the field. We’re working together with some bigger companies on a larger research project as well.” IOTA has faced some criticism for the speed and capacity of its network. Schiener countered: “What we always say is everything is a proof of concept and we have been very blunt about this since the beginning of IOTA. We always say that IOTA is a beta product right now. In 2018, we want to make it production ready. “The network being slow is really also us figuring out: how can we make the IOTA network very reliable? For us, the problem now is to close the gap between what research does – we have more than 10 mathematicians on board right now – and what engineering does. That’s exactly what we’re doing right now.” Source: businessinsider. co. uk


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