IOTA Collaborates with ITIC, plans a worldwide Alliance of Smart Mobility Testbeds

The IOTA foundation is known amongst the public for its innovations in the development of blockless distributed ledger protocol called “IOTA tangle”. The technology facilitates in creating an economy that enables the shared data in the Internet of Things ecosystems. Now there is an update from the company that IOTA foundation has collaborated with International Transportation Innovation Center (ITIC) to develop an international alliance of smart mobility testbeds.

The foundation has listed out it’s priority status which says that it aims to create a global community of developers that help in building smart mobility applications. The foundation focuses on utilization of its open source protocol for creation of the applications and says that IOTA data market platform will enable s distributed automation and sustainable mobility. In addition, they would make safety and security their highest priority and will also aim to develop energy-related applications along with supply chain management applications.

On the other hand, ITIC converges on constructing a worldwide network of open and closed testbeds to nurture and verify AI-based sustainable mobility services in “smart city” environments. The company will use virtual, heightened and physical testing methods and also generate a test data pool. This all could further be utilized by the entire smart mobility ecosystem. Hence, as a result, the developers will be able to access the test fleets and test infrastructure which is provided throughout the network of testbeds. Additionally, the IOTA market initiative will be able to bestow a harmonious platform where one can acquire, share and choose superior-quality of test data from the sites perpetually certified by the organization. Both publicly and privately operated testbeds will be able to participate in the so-called ITIC Mobility Testbed Alliance, which is a dedicated initiative of ITIC and backed by the IOTA Foundation. and to build their testing potentials towards the necessities of an international market of distributed developers. IOTA Co-Founder Dominik Schiener explained-

“The ITIC Mobility Testbed Alliance will serve as a proving ground for new business models and new technology approaches with IOTA distributed ledgers.”

He further added that

“We look forward to showing how IOTA-based mobility services can dramatically improve the efficiency and scalability on the transactional level and how the IOTA Data Marketplace can be leveraged to buy and sell vehicle and infrastructure test data across participating testbeds.”

IOTA Co-Founder Dominik Schiener. elaborated further on the project saying that shared data economy will standardize the way several operations are conducted in the ecosystem.

“The age of a shared data economy for mobility services requires standardized ways of performing data transactions considering security, scalability and sustainability criteria across very large sensor and actor networks as well as access to high-quality test data,” He further appended “This is also a global business, therefore our model of funding smart mobility innovation projects will have to work across multiple testbeds, multiple stakeholders – whether on the vehicle or infrastructure side – and across markets.”

ITIC Executive Director Jody Bryson commented, “We started ITIC originally as a local initiative in South Carolina to support our fast growing local automotive ecosystem from a vehicle and infrastructure innovation and testing. I am very pleased to see how our strategic partnership with IOTA and their engagement with the ITIC Mobility Testbed Alliance brings mobility ecosystem innovation to a new level across an international network.”

IOTA Co-Founder David Sønstebø announced, “The IOTA Foundation is setting up a comprehensive Automotive and Transportation Working Group and this collaboration between The IOTA Foundation and the ITIC on the Mobility Testbed Alliance represents the first official move towards this important goal. It’s important for us that to stress that this is the first stage of a large vision that will unfold throughout 2018.”

ITIC will also work as a project associate in the IOTA Ecosystem fund to concentrate on well-known source infrastructure development for automated vehicle testbeds. The first live presentations at public events as an outcome of the IOTA/ITIC association can be anticipated soon in 2018 with a bigger group of joint partner corporations.


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