Lewis Freiberg: Trinity Update

All credits to: Lewis Freiberg  – Original post: https://goo.gl/AgR3LW


Hey everyone, As promised heres an update of whats been going on behind the scenes:

Over the last two weeks, the main focus has been to resolve the bugs reported by alpha testers, to improve overall performance, and to add test coverage. Feature-wise, the main functions that have been added are snapshot transitioning and securing the two factor authentication key locally by porting it to keychain. Some of the performance improvements are still in the pipeline, but avoiding unnecessary UI re-rendering and optimised versions of some UI components have been implemented.

Some important design and integration decisions have been made related to shifting core logic to a separate module. Some of the varied internal implementations, e.g. address generation on initial load, have been ported to the external module. Still some of the core features e.g promotion/reattachment will need to be shifted/generalised. Currently, the external module is undergoing testing, and the remaining Trinity feature set will move to the external module once testing is complete.

On the Desktop side the progress has been quite fast. We are now nearing the point of Alpha testing (Again more info will come and we’ll make sure you don’t miss it). The majority of the UI elements are completed. The main tasks left are implementing a number of small features to mirror those in the Mobile wallet and refactoring the codebase for maintainability.

Documentation and code styled guides are almost done, which will mean we’ll be able to have community contributions when public and help those auditing understand design choices and application structure.

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