Tanglescanner: first application that lets you scan barcodes directly into the “blockchain”!

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Welcome to the (probably) first application that lets you scan barcodes directly into the “blockchain”!

Well in this case we are scanning into the IOTA tangle which means that we are using the IOTA distributed ledger platform.

DLT Distributed Ledger Technology.

Your scanned barcode will be eternally in the unchangeable tangle. No more discussions about lost scans, fraud missed tracking.



Imagine you could scan for eternity.

Every scan would be eternalized in the tangle (this is the IOTA “blockchain”)

Every movement of a parcel or every product sold – every part used in a construction cycle…

Endless use cases.

What does that mean in practice?

A barcode captured with a barcode scanner is written to the IOTA Tangle Ledger as the content of a transaction within a few seconds.

From this point on, the bar code is recorded “eternally” and can no longer be manipulated. This transaction has a time stamp.

This technology does not require any database or cloud storage. The barcodes are stored decentralized in the Tangle Ledger thanks to DLT (decentralized ledger technology).

Of course you can continue to process the scanned barcodes as usual.

The best:

The creation of transactions to store the barcodes are free of any transaction fee. Thanks to IOTA, it is possible to generate transactions with no financial value – unlike other digital currencies.

With IOTA, the more transactions are generated the faster the system is.

Use cases:

Counterfeit-proof cash registers
Especially in Germany the tax fraud with the help of manipulated cash registers is a recurrent topic. Once the sold articles have been scanned they can be traced by the tax authorities during an audit. Don#t forget: The data in the tangle can#t be changed.

Once scanned, items are stored almost immediately indelible / not changeable – permanently.

Installed parts or fully manufactured products can be reported directly to all partners involved in a mission-critical environment.
This message chain does not require complex database applications or similar expensive IT operations.

Parcel tracking
Scanned parcels are visible in the IOTA Tangle Ledger promptly. Later disputes about delivery times etc. can easily be cleared thanks to the time stamp stored during the creation of the transactions.



This is a real existing example of a scanned barcode.

You can check it here:


Alternatively you can search for “TANGLESCANNER”



First public presentation of the tanglescanner


Today I gave a the first public demonstration of the #tanglescanner.

It was during a small IOTA meetup in Bangkok in the Black Swan.

We had not enough light so the video is a bit dark sometimes – sorry for that.

Check the Video: https://tanglescanner.com/2018/02/11/first-public-presentation-of-the-tanglescanner/

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