IOTA and Decentralized Identity

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In light of the recent heated topic of Microsoft and their plans with ID2020, I want to summarize some plans IOTA has been working on in this space.

March 2017, in the Development Roadmap, Identity of Things is mentioned as a core project that the IOTA Foundation is conducting research on.

May 2017, IOTA, along with Microsoft and a dozen other entities, co-founded the Decentralized Identity Foundation.

July 2017, John Edge, Co-Founder of ID2020 and a fellow at MIT Connection Science, officially joined IOTA Foundation.

January 2018, City of Taipei confirms partnership with IOTA to become a Tangle-powered smart city. The first project on the docket is the creation of citizen ID cards built on the Tangle technology, i.e. TangleID.

February 2018, in an interview with Coincentral, David Sonstebo asserted that while most Decentralized ID projects are focusing on the human aspect, IOTA goes one step beyond, into the realm of the IoT. They are focusing on creating an identity of things layer on IOTA for basically all the devices in the world, eventually.

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