Bosch Engineering – Asset monitoring for railway applications

All Credits to Bosch Mobility Solutions | Original Video

Germany alone has the best part of 40,000 kilometers of railway track, which is used to transport almost 400 million tons of predominantly heavy goods. De spite this, today freight wagons have been equipped neither with sensors nor their own energy supply. This is because rail way engineering must function under extremes of vibration. Now Bosch Engineering is filling that gap with its AMRA asset monitoring for railway applications solution.

The system gathers current data throughout the journey. This includes the precise position of the freight, whether it is adhering to its intended course, any shocks to the cargo or to the wagon during maneuvering, as well as the temperature in the cargo area and the mileage accumulated. Data are sent to a server to be analyzed and grouped, opening up new functions in terms of the quality of business operations.

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