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IOTA: Why the FUD makes sense

All Credits to IOTA SUPPORTER – Original Post – Having done my research about IOTA (thank you for more than 100,000 views for my articles in the first three weeks of January by the way!) I think it is necessary to inform people out there about the FUD (Fear-Uncertainty-Doubt)-campaign against IOTA. In the following, I shall argue […]

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Bosch, Vodafone, and Huawei enable smart cars to communicate with each other. Any possible use cases that IOTA can offer to these smart cars?

Press Relase Bosh – Original Post – Stuttgart, Germany – It is Friday afternoon, and the traffic on the A9 freeway near Munich is congested. Navigation requires complete concentration. Other vehicles are constantly cutting in front of the car, forcing the driver to brake abruptly − which is the cause of many accidents, slow-moving […]

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Iota in Frankfurt General Digital

All credits to: Nala – Original post: When Dominik Schiener moved away from home, his parents’ electricity bill halved. Schiener had already earned half a million euros with Bitcoin mining, because his computer had managed to earn the virtual money with complicated computing power. Almost five years ago, when the 17-year-old Schiener moved to the […]

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IOTA – the “small” difference

All credits to: Daniel Hörner – Original post:   When the Bible speaks of Iota, it means something “very small” – even Goethe took up this meaning in his works. In contrast to this is the crypto currency IOTA, which wants to make it big in the “Internet of Things”. The name “IOTA” is not chosen by chance, as it contains […]

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Weiss Ratings launches crypt notation

All credits to: dcadmin  Original post: Wall Street money may soon begin to make its way into cryptocurrency investments. A US rating agency is expected to issue ratings for Bitcoin and a series of altcoins this week, possibly opening the door for more fund managers to enter the market. Cryptocurrency notation  Wednesday, January 24, the independent US rating agency Weiss Ratings will issue […]


All credits to: MYLES SNIDER – Original post:   An executive summary is presented below. Download our complete 12-page analysis: DOWNLOAD   Note: Multicoin Capital will be hosting its first live conversation to discuss the findings of this report on Wednesday, January 24th at 11am US Central Time. If you’d like to attend live, please register here. […]

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Cryptocurrenvy Hedge Fund Calls IOTA “Sharply Overvalued”

All credits to: – Original post: When you ask crypto investors what they have their eye on, you’ll get an entire list and most of them include IOTA. However, some seem to think that IOTA’s future is uncertain. Earlier today cryptocurrency hedge fund Multicoin Capital, based in Austin, Texas released their analysis of IOTA. While the […]

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IOTA: the cryptocurrency for the Internet of Things

All credits to: Stefano Cavalli  – Original post:   IOTA is a cryptocurrency born in 2015 which today boasts almost 9 billion capitalization. It is a cryptographic and ” revolutionary ” token , as claimed by David Sønstebø , creator of the cryptocurrency that should solve the problems of the blockchain thanks to the Tangle , the heart of IOTA. As the name clearly suggests, IOTA is […]

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