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The Upcoming Sirin Labs Phone is a Winning Bet

All credits to: Tim Walker – Original post:     Have you ever heard of a Sirin Labs phone? What about the SIRIN LABS Token (SRN)? Well, if you haven’t – don’t worry. Sirin Labs is very new to the scene, but only as a cryptocurrency. This coin has only been on the market about a month. The […]

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Koen Maris: The Secret to Security — Is Secrecy

All credits to: Koen Maris – Original post:   In today’s world, security is imperative for maintaining control of your belongings whether physical or virtual. Cyber security is vital to keeping you protected, safeguarding your integrity, and avoiding unwanted data disclosure. IOTA provides robust cyber security measures around data integrity and confidentiality, and is even future proof […]

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David Sønstebø: Welcome Charlie Varley to the IOTA Foundation

All credits to: David Sønstebø – Original post:   Charlie Varley completed his undergraduate degree in Psychology and Philosophy at the University of Bristol. His chosen areas of study included brain imaging, artificial intelligence and philosophy of mind; showing a clear technical theme. And this persisting interest led him to change his academic direction. He proceeded to complete a […]

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Forbes: Explaining Directed Acylic Graph (DAG), The Real Blockchain 3.0

All credits to: Sherman Lee   – Original post:   The concept of blockchain as a standalone technology started gaining popularity in 2015. Prior to that, it was just known as a data structure underlying Bitcoin technology. In Satoshi Nakamoto’s white paper, the two words “block” and “chain” appeared together. It was only called “a chain of […]

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All credits to: Sindre Hopland – Original post:   Johann Jungwirth has previously held top positions in Apple and in the Volkswagen system, and has since 1999 held the position as CDO, or Technology Director of the Volkswagen Group, Europe’s largest automaker. “I’m looking forward to contributing to the iota board,” said Jungwirth on Twitter night to Monday. […]

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Prepare for the January 28, 2018 IOTA Snapshot

All credits to: Ralf Rottmann –  Original post:   The IOTA Foundation has publicly announced the next snapshot of the Tangle for January 28th, 2018. Basically, without going into too much detail, a snapshot reduces the size it takes for nodes to save the entire Tangle (to disk). In the foreseeable future, this process will be automated. At the […]

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Tagesspiegel. de: IOTA and Bosh

Bosch has chosen an address with a past to break into the future. This week, the world’s largest automotive supplier opened its Berlin IoT campus in the old printing house. The Internet of Things is a pleasant place. On three floors, 250 experts work in Berlin’s typical start-up style: exposed concrete, open cable and piping, […]

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All Credits to DALMAS NGETICH – Original Post – Perhaps the major take away is how NEM found ceiling at $1.14. At that price tag, bears turned aggressive and are now driving prices towards $0.50. Like NEO, we could see some buy potential but not now. And talking of NEO, bears are officially in […]

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